K-Box in the Box (box_in_the_box) wrote in dw_goddessfen,
K-Box in the Box

SJA fic: Yearning (Sarah Jane/Alan; G/PG; S1 of SJA)

Title: Yearning.
Author: box_in_the_box.
Characters/Pairing: Sarah Jane Smith/Alan Jackson.
Rating: G/PG.
Spoilers: Season 1 of The Sarah Jane Adventures.
Summary: A companion piece to Smitten by lachatdelarue, offering a parallel perspective. Could the crush that one is nursing on the other be mutual?
Warnings: I was so inspired by lachatdelarue's wonderful story that I felt compelled to write this right away, but in doing so, I hope I haven't caused the original author any offense.

( As cliched as it sounds, you literally fell in love with her at first sight. )
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