K-Box in the Box (box_in_the_box) wrote in dw_goddessfen,
K-Box in the Box

SJA fic: MILF-Hunting (Luke, Sarah Jane, mentions of others; PG-13/R; S2 thru "Berserker")

Title: MILF-Hunting.
Author: box_in_the_box.
Beta-Reader: persiflage_1.
Rating: PG-13/R.
Characters: Luke and Sarah Jane Smith; mentions of Clyde Langer and Jack Harkness, among others.
Spoilers: The Sarah Jane Adventures Season 2, through “The Mark of the Berserker.”
Summary: Luke’s been noticing how close his mom and his best friend seem to be getting …
Warnings Promises: Don’t worry; no underage sex for Luke or Clyde, in spite of how much they both might wish otherwise. ;)

( “It’s an acronym,” Luke supplied, eager as always to demonstrate and share his knowledge. “It stands for ‘Mum I’d Like to’ …” )
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