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K-Box cartoon

box_in_the_box in dw_goddessfen

DW & SJA plot-bunnies, free to a good home ...

Some silly fic ideas my brain has come up with, open to anyone who's interested in using them ...
  1. Inspired by Joseph Millson's current stint on stage, Alan Jackson and Sarah Jane Smith decide to blow off some steam together by jointly trying out for the same community theater production ... and find themselves cast as lovers in a Shakespeare play (either as Romeo and Juliet, or, if you're feeling kinky, as Hamlet and Gertrude). Shippiness ensues.

  2. Sarah Jane and Donna Noble as Thelma & Louise, with Sarah Jane in the Susan Sarandon role, and Donna in the Geena Davis role. Honest to God, this literally came to me in a dream, but it was surprisingly detailed, right down to UNIT's Private Ross Jenkins (from the Season 4 Sontaran two-parter) in the Brad Pitt drifter role, and the Brigadier in the Harvey Keitel cop role. Yes, it's complete crack, but for reasons I can't even explain, it just ... feels right.

  3. The Young Sarah Jane Adventures. Join inquisitive, wounded 14-year-old school newspaper reporter Sarah Jane Smith, fresh from losing her best friend Andrea Yates, as she makes new friendships with gorgeous but slightly self-centered 15-year-old aspiring model Sylvia Mott, and awkward, book-smart 13-year-old "Harriet Jones, first-year student" *flashes her ID badge* at their all-girls school, and they alternate between bickering and solving mysteries together. Yes, it's Veronica Mars, Buffy and Scooby Doo. I still think it's cute.
So, any takers? :)