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Four Men Who Love Sarah Jane, 1/2 (Sarah Jane/Jack/Ten/Alan OT4, Luke; NC-17; DW S4)

Title: The Four Men Who Love Sarah Jane (and the One Who Brings Them All Together), 1/2.
Author: box_in_the_box.
Beta-Reader: persiflage_1.
Rating: NC-17.
Characters/Pairings: Sarah Jane Smith/Jack Harkness/Tenth Doctor/Alan Jackson OT4, Luke Smith.
Spoilers: NuWho through Season 4, Episode 13, “Journey’s End.”
Summary: Each one offers her his own unique joys and sorrows, and Sarah Jane accepts them all in turn, but Luke thinks they should all be sharing them together.
Warnings/Promises: Don’t worry; no underage sex for Luke. He’s just acting as a multi-shipper for his mom. ;)

( For so long, she thought of herself as an old woman, but Jack and the Doctor made her realize how young and beautiful she still is, and that realization helps her to see how Alan sees her, with his shy, stolen glances and his solicitous, affectionate attentions toward her. )

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