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K-Box cartoon

box_in_the_box in dw_goddessfen

Digging Up Dirt (River Song, Sarah Jane; G/PG; DW S4 Eps. 8 & 9, SJA S1 Eps. 3 & 4)

Title: Digging Up Dirt.
Author: box_in_the_box.
Rating: G/PG.
Characters: Professor River Song & Sarah Jane Smith.
Spoilers: Doctor Who Season 4, “Silence in the Library” & “Forest of the Dead;” The Sarah Jane Adventures Season 1, “Eye of the Gorgon.”
Summary: Who says River Song originally came from the 51st century, since she’s known at least one time-traveler? And who says that the Doctor was the first time-traveler she ever met? Yes, I’m sure this fanon will be Jossed by the show eventually, but until then, this is my canon and I’m sticking to it.

( “You wrote a very moving memorial piece on Bea Nelson-Stanley … widow of Edgar, the archeologist?” )

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